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spare ribs on sale 特价排骨

spare ribs on sale 特价排骨

Brasil Chicken Brands consistently provides Frozen Pork Flank, Rind-On and Red and White Meat, and other premium pig cuts from Fresh production. Your order will be packaged with care in a biodegradable foam-insulated box with ice packs to maintain the right temperature.

Top-quality A-grade, 100% health certified, prompt delivery, and discount prices. contact us for full product details.

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spare ribs on sale

spare ribs on sale you’ve been looking for are here! These are the ideal competition grade ribs: meaty, St. Louis cut, with no waste.

When your order  package, a precise pricing will be supplie for weight-based products, and the total will be modified if necessary before your credit card is charged.

To ensure compliance with Ramos’ high standards and a thorough quality control methodology, every production stage is carried out with the utmost care.

Ramos Spanish meats originate from our own Iberian pigs bred and fed in fields where the animals can walk freely.

Our Iberian meats have a distinctive flavor because of this natural growing process. They can be identified by their striped appearance and organoleptic characteristics.

Pork For your convenience, spare ribs are already prepared and ready to be chopped. To prepare grilled spare ribs, spare ribs are used in hog soup, braising, smoking, and grilling.

opportune thaw Save the remaining part in our reusable zipper pouch and use individual portions as needed.

NOW NOT REQUIRED TO THAW ENTIRE PACKAGE! Use what you need from the convenient thaw and store the other items in our resealable zipper pouch.

Product Specification.
Frozen Pork Specifications:
Detailed Description:
– Washed and clean.
– No blood.
– No bad smell.
– White skin.
– No bruises.
– No broken bones
– Moisture content: less thann 3%.
– No black pads.
– Drainage: 0 to -5°C for 8 hours.
– No traces of carved deep wounds.
– No ammonia burns.
– Blasted at: -40°C.
– Storage at: -20°C
– 100% Fresh and Frozen
– Duringg Transportation: minus 10~15C
-Shelf Life: 12 -24 months from production date
Safe for human consumption


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