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Pork Femur Bone 猪股骨

Pork Femur Bone 猪股骨

Brasil Chicken Brands consistently provides Frozen Pork Flank, Rind-On and Red and White Meat, and other premium pig cuts from Fresh production. Your order will be packaged with care in a biodegradable foam-insulated box with ice packs to maintain the right temperature.

Top-quality A-grade, 100% health certified, prompt delivery, and discount prices. contact us for full product details.

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Pork Femur Bone

Pork Femur Bone Dog Treats will make your pup happier than a pig in mud! Our Femur Bones are robust and savory, made entirely of pork, making them a fun, delectable, and healthful treat.

Even better, chewing on these goodies helps to encourage good tooth health by eliminating plaque and tartar.

bones from free-range, grass-fed cattle excellent way to reward your dog for being well-behave because they  rich vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Knuckles are present on both ends of this entire, natural Pork Femur Bone . It is the ideal chew for little dogs who don’t chew violently. It has been bake the oven, covered in natural liquid smoke, and has no artificial components.


100% Pork

Without OMS.

Gluten Free.

Soja Free.

100% natural.

Radiation free.

Thermal treatment 90°C (Antibacteria).

When the package close, keep it at room temperature. Once it  opene, keep it at a temperature of 5 C.
Because this is a completely natural product, the size, shape, and color may vary from the image.
Only give treats to your pet while keeping an eye on them.

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